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By lucb1e on 2011-11-10 22:59:43 +0100

I saw someone use a very smart way of managing e-mail. The only requirement is having a domain exclusively to yourself.

Say I want to sign up at and I need a valid e-mail address. What I do is sign up with If I some day receive spam, I can see the recipient is and I know that has either shared my e-mail address with 3rd parties or made it public some way.

Even better, I can block any e-mail addressed to! If there is one breach, which is likely concidering the many websites you need to sign up for, you can simply patch it.

How do you do this?
I configured an own mailserver, it might or might not be possible on other hosts. What it does is deliver every mail directed at [anything] to my main e-mail address, but exceptions are still possible (so I can block for example

The only problem is that you will often have one e-mail address which you need to post in public, like, and you will need a good spamfilter on that one. You can use images to hide it from easy gathering by spambots, or put something like Neither is perfect though. I will remain searching...

Update: Actually I wonder how much spam I'll receive at after my website goes public lol. Or maybe not a lot because it contains the word 'example'. Like my address, it might get filtered out. Maybe if I created I'd get more spam than on the previously mentioned address, simply because some users do something like " dot com (remove .SPAM)". Spammers might have automated that.
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