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By lucb1e on 2011-08-15 23:27:09 +0100

If you don't have javascript in your browser, you will not be able to fully make use of this website. I'm sorry for that, I tried to make things work best I could. If you have any problems navigating or reading, feel free to contact me. You can stop reading now if this is the case.

If you have disabled javascript yourself, you have succesfully put your browser in a wheelchair. Congratulations!
The web nowadays gets more and more dynamic, and you are slowing down the dynamicness. I myself have NoScript installed in Firefox, but I only occasionally use it for website with scrolling stuff and javascript-toolbars which annoy me. 99% of the time, it is disabled.

One of the reasons this blog is custom made, is because I want full control and keep things optimized, lightweight, unobstrusive and seamless. So there is no reason to disable Javascript on this website, it only adds functionality when you click some things (Javascript is the only way I can hide and show texts when you click something like 'show me info').

Still not convinced to enable javascript? Allright, how about me giving you a tip for a perfect browser for you!
Links is just the browser you need. It uses only a console, works on black and white screens, is available for Linux, Windows and maybe other exceptional systems, and has no annoying or moving things at all!
Also, you might be interrested in my time machine to go back to the 80's, but I'll blog about it when I make progress on building that machine. Stay tuned xD
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