hMailServer SSL setup, asio.ssl error

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By lucb1e on 2012-02-05 13:56:25 +0100

While setting up SSL on hMailServer, Mozilla Thunderbird was giving me errors when trying if it worked. The first time I forgot to forward my port (ups!). Second time it did ask me if I wanted to accept the certificate, but then it failed to send the e-mail, even before I had accepted the cert.

Looking in the log file of today, I saw the following error:
"TCPIP"	13312	"2012-02-05 14:12:29.652"	"TCPConnection - Posting AcceptEx on"

"TCPIP" 8304 "2012-02-05 14:12:30.057" "TCPConnection - SSL handshake with client failed. Error code: 1, Message: asio.ssl error, Remote IP:"

"asio.ssl error", hmm... It looks to me like "Asynchronous input/output error in the SSL module", but that didn't get me any further. Googling it, I found nothing at all. It turns out that I should use forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes (\) in the path to the certificate and private key file. So I set this:
But it turns out it should be:

Changing this and saving the settings, it worked like a charm! Just accepted my self-signed certificate, and the connection got encrypted (checked with Wireshark).

Why am I posting this? Well as I said, I couldn't find anything on Google about it. Hopefully others with the asio.ssl error can find it now :).
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