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Note  Tags: me, writing.
Please don't hesitate to correct my English :)
If you can spot errors in my grammar or sentence constructions (or consistent errors in a word) please do tell me!
Where lucb1e came from  Tags: me.
Short version: It is my first name (Luc) and the first class from secondary school (B1E) together. Read on for why. The name is pronounced "Luc bee one ee".

I'm regularly asked where this name came from. It's not random keybashing, and it has nothing to do with my last name (those are the most common guesses). It originates from the first class in secondary school.

I used to have an MSN address firstname.lastname@hotmail.com, but after I messed too much with Windows and it had to be reinstalled, the password wasn't remembered anymore when I put MSN on.

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