About me

(Note: this page was last updated in ~2013.)

I'm Luc, 32, come from the Netherlands, and love coding, security and networking.

More general info
Nickname  lucb1e (or in games often RMF)
Age32.2 years old (
EmailSee this page
Languages  Dutch (native), English (fluent), and German well enough to ask for someone who speaks either of the former two :)
CodingPHP, C#, and Javascript (and simple ones like HTML), but most languages aren't really an issue after a week or so.
I know basics from lots of other languages.
MusicMy collection mostly fits in: rock, trance, electronic or metal, but it can also be totally random
TimezoneCET or GMT + 1. DST (summertime) is in effect.
MSNOnly the worthy shall add me!

What is your last name?
Why do you want to know? What do you gain by knowing my last name?
I don't give away my last name on the web for a number of reasons. Most importantly, you don't need to be able to look me up in real life. Also I am the one and only lucb1e, but my real name has a couple duplicates. So there really is no point.

Why an English website, you're Dutch!
Well I doubted about making this website available in two languages, but decided against it because it's not a professional website (in the sense of: I won't put this website on my business card) and it sucks to have to sort and post blogposts in two languages. Better make one universal language, especially since the number of Dutch users whom I want to be able to read this blog but don't speak English is very low. I estimate around 0, possibly less.

More to come, some day. I'm not sure when I'll do this, but I'm planning on expanding this page some time soon. Please let me know if you have any questions so far!