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Google banned from this site for foul play  Tags: websites.
Yesterday, I read this article: https://unlikekinds.com/article/google-amp-page-speed.

The main points are:

  • To get more prominent visibility on Google, you can implement AMP. Without AMP, you will never enjoy the prominent placement your competitors might get by implementing it.
  • Your domain is not displayed anymore when a user clicks on your results: everything goes through Google.
Telegram is no longer open source  Tags: software.
Telegram for Android is now a closed source application. According to the repository and the Telegram website, it is covered by the GPL license which states one must publish changes. However, since early October 2016, there have been many releases but no updates of the source code. Everyone involved is pretending there is no issue because they have their fingers in their ears:
  • the original author did not respond to the criticism for months;
  • Telegram's chat support does not respond
Phasing out of this nickname  Tags: me.
TL;DR: New blog posts will be posted in a new place under my legal name. Contact me if you want to know where.

Some followers of this blog have noted that I post less, and it's true. There are several reasons, but one of the main reasons is that this nickname is a dead end for me. I am moving towards using my full name for professional things, and interesting technical content is now a professional thing.
IPv6 addresses weird? It's v4 that's crazy  Tags: networking.
Dots are often used for hierarchy. Domains are backwards, but still hierarchical. Wireshark you can use tcp.port to filter on TCP ports. In many programming languages you specify an object's property as object.property. Does that property have methods you can use? Try another dot: car.wheels.length(). Dots are also commonly used as decimal separator.

Colons are often separ
To curl|bash or not to curl|bash  Tags: software, security.
People have a lot to say about how terrible piping from curl to bash is. These are the reasons people give:

1. It executes arbitrary code on your system!

I'm sure these people never ran a .exe file in their life.

2. The download could cut off mid-file and turn "rm /opt/something" into "rm /opt"!

Valid point! This is why we commonly wrap the installer as a big function, and call it in the end. If you care, you can even inspect the source to see if it does this, and if the software is on Github or something (curl|bash-using software usually is) or has nice developers, you can just let them know or send a pull request.

3. The code is not signed! If it was from the repositories, it would be signed.

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