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Why we can change calendar systems alright  Tags: datetime, networking.
IPv6 is probably one of the biggest changes we have ever tried to undertake. It affects billions of people, and hundreds of thousands of engineers need to learn how to work with it. It'll succeed of course with the hot breath of a lingering shortage of addresses in our neck, but it's a really big operation.

IPv6 is better in many ways, not just number of addresses though. But it would have taken forever, perhaps literally, to switch without the address shortage. I feel it's the same for our calendar system.
Date and time system  Tags: datetime.
I remember asking my mom once why there were 60 minutes in an hour, or 60 seconds in a minute or something. I think I was about 8 years old, and didn't understand why they didn't take a round number like 50 or 100. It would make calculations with time at elementary school so much easier. She answered it otherwise wouldn't work or something... Whatever it was, there wasn't time to discuss the matter much further.

Nowadays I know the answer: Because it can be 60. It could also have

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