Parallel conversations on IM - summary

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By lucb1e on 2011-11-19 22:31:44 +0100

This post is a summary to Parallel conversations on IM.

Message subjects are identified by a number and a square closing bracket, like so:
"Message about subject #1"
"2] Message about subject #2"
"3] Message about subject #3"

The first subject-tag, which would be denoted as "1]", is never actually written for ease of use. A parallel conversations can be like this:
A: Message
B: 2] Message about another subject
B: Answer to A's message
A: 2] Answer to B about second subject
A: 3] Message about third subject

Moving subjects goes as follows: "2]->1". If subject 2 was about horses, now the main subject is horses (so "1]" would be about horses, only 1] is never actually written so I call it the 'main subject'). Subject 2 will be simply concidered removed, it will not be swapped with 1.
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