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By lucb1e on 2011-08-16 00:40:30 +0100

I was thinking about how Facebook got so popular here in the Netherlands when we had Hyves (and myspace and linkedin and friendster and stuff). I remembered how FB was only for college students or something, which made it exclusive and everyone wanted to join. When they had quite a market share, they went public. Or that's how I've heard it went.

Google+ is just doing the same! It's exclusive now, and when a lot of people have it they make it public.
Exclusiveness is not just a smart promotion move, it's actually a well proven trick to get users - and Google is using it a lot (CR-48, anyone?).

Update: This was probably the startup trick, but what kept them going until world domination is something else. See here for a blogpost about why they actually got so big, and why Google+ won't be in the end.
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