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By lucb1e on 2012-08-12 20:47:49 +0100

Whenever a comment is posted, I receive an e-mail notifying me of that. This afternoon I received such notification, but clicking the link to the comment, it was not there.

This happened once before, and I discarded it as "The author probably deleted the message for some reason". This time I decided to check it out, and looking in Disqus' admin panel, there was a message showing in red.

Red? Does that mean it's been deleted or something?
Turns out it was automatically detected as spam.

I approved the comment and checked for any others with a red overlay. Guess what? The previous comment this happened with also was marked as spam, so that one has now been approved as well.

Next time you don't see your comment appearing, this is what happened. Your comment will be approved soon!

Thank you and keep commenting :)

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