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Android, rooting, warranty, Linux and more  Tags: apps, software, tutorials.
As suggested by @wesleypennock, I'll tell you more about running Linux on Android. Actually he asked about Xfce, but that would be a rather short article ;)

Rooted phone
First of all, you need a rooted phone. I was kind of shocked to hear how few people have a rooted phone, since there is no good reason not to do it. Except when you don't need it, like my mother, but many tech people also don't have it because it'd void warranty.
I'm sorry  Tags: apps, social networks.
If you're a friend of mine, I probably leaked your first name, phone number, probably last name, and potentially your home address and email address to a company located on the other side of the world. But odds are that you can't complain because you did the same to me over and over again.

Unlike you though, it's not like I didn't take precautions to prevent your data from leaking. I've tried everything practically possible with my knowledge of Android to protect you, but the malware punched right through it.
Android's problem  Tags: software, apps.
So I've got an Android phone now. A "smartphone" I should probably say: to call this Galaxy Note 2 a "phone" is practically an insult, considering it's got an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and even an on-board weather station. Okay, it's only a barometer, but you can replace the S-Pen with a thermometer and probably measure wind speeds with the microphone.

Top of the market quad-core smartphone, great. I don't need 4 cores, but they'll probably turn out useful next time I'm going to do...
What'sUpp with your malware policy?  Tags: networking, apps, privacy.
WhatsApp for Symbian is badly written malicious software as far as I can see. Moreover, their TOS and Privacy Policy looks good on first sight, until you read it carefully. Also I noticed most users still manage to miss the text saying that it's not actually free after a year.

In short: It remains active 24/7 (including a network connection, preferably by 3G) even after closing it in every possible way; it alters your phone software; and they can sell your user data if they want to. The TOS I agree with on install cannot be viewed, but if I want to sue them over using my phonebook without permission (or even telling me) I'd apparently have to pay the lawyers for them as well as my own.

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