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SSH tips (and GNU screen)  Tags: tutorials, software, networking.
Just a quick blogpost about some things for ssh that make my life easier. No more password typing, hostname, user and port remembering, or even losing your session when a connection drops. The latter didn't seem easy to find and I had to piece some things together, but I'll explain how to use ssh with gnu screen from step three onwards.


Configure an ssh host config if you haven't already. This is not necessary, but boy does it make things easier. Do you want to remember that you're supposed to connect as user vhost89103 to ssh.pcextreme.nl, as user oa to the gameserver on port 222, as user ...
Android, rooting, warranty, Linux and more  Tags: apps, software, tutorials.
As suggested by @wesleypennock, I'll tell you more about running Linux on Android. Actually he asked about Xfce, but that would be a rather short article ;)

Rooted phone
First of all, you need a rooted phone. I was kind of shocked to hear how few people have a rooted phone, since there is no good reason not to do it. Except when you don't need it, like my mother, but many tech people also don't have it because it'd void warranty.
IPv6  Tags: networking, tutorials.
Since I couldn't find a clear all-you-need to know guide about IPv6, I'll attempt writing one.

For everyone who doesn't want to know everything about it, I wrote some shorter pieces.
What you need to know as...
MySQL tutorial  Tags: tutorials, webdevelopment.
This is a beta version!

There are a lot of MySQL tutorials out there, but like with many tutorials, it stops at some point. It teaches you the basics and then either stops, gives only a sort of reference manual for more, or doesn't explain advanced concepts well. If you want to know more, you'll have to Google for it on your own, but there is almost never one tutorial from the beginning to the very end. Also, most tutorials are very practical. If [this], do [that], but never because of [reason].

In this MySQL tutorial I will attempt to explain it from the beginning up to where I know.

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